LBTY STEEL and non-ferrous metals, operating in Khartoum of offices. The Campany has interests in a wide range of strategic assets in and the

Drawing strength from assets and network, Commodities is the central trade and supply chain services. Commodities aims to provide clients with comprehensive supply chain management tailored to their needs including innovative financial solutions, using the local networks that have been established

We offer innovative financial solutions including pre-payments, inventory finance, tolling finance and open credit. We have a strong logistics function covering shipping, ports, warehouses and internal rail and road movements. We operate vessels, offering competitive freight by consolidating in house and third party cargo. And we actively manage freight market volatility using COAs and hedging mechanisms.

We carry stock at select origins and destinations, enabling us to offer timely delivery services to our clients. Ultimately being a producer as well as a trader, we fully understand the importance of comprehensive and reliable service.


To be an integral part of our industry with a culture and ethos that understands and partners our stakeholders at every step of the supply chain.


To create value and growth for the evolving and dynamic needs of our partners through continuous innovation and investments in our industry, services and organisation.

Lbty Branches :

1- Khartoum Bahry (Factory)Phon: +249-0185331175

2- Khartoum Sajjana ( Omderman International Bank Street) Mob : +249-912674423

3- Omderman(Omderman ) Mob:+249-920000241 – +249-912196701

4-  Bahry (ALmzad Street) Mob: +249-920000241

5- Madane ( Industries Aria) Mob : +249-912100689

6- Port-sudan(Port-Sudan Industries Aria)

7-  Kasla Mob: +249-912610837

8- Atbra 

9- Halfa


11- Aubaid